Thursday, June 12, 2008

No, No, Not Dead Yet (and confessions)

I'm updating this due to a certain someone's not-very-subtle subliminal message.

Right. Shorsha is still well and alive, folks, despite her four months of absence. It's just that exams that were shoved in my face for the past few months weren't forgiving of any addiction at all, so I decided to try and forget WoW while it was going on. Luckily, it's stopped now, so lo and behold, I'm back!

And Shorsha is 70. Newly dinged, but 70 nonetheless. I started playing last Wednesday again, and by chance, got PMed by Tyaera (tank hard?), who invited me into I Choose You out of the blue. Of course, since I went in as a Friends/family rank, the constant question was: "Whose family/friend are you?"

Now that was a hard question to answer :P

Anyways, now that Shor is 70, I've been running SV as often as possible for the Devilshark Cape. No luck, sadly. But apart from that, I've also run other instances just for the heck of it, and sometimes... it develops into a horror story that would leave me shivering in trauma at the mere mention of it (Oh, I'm sure people would also feel the same when I caused a wipe on Mag. Running an instance with me when it's the first time I've run it would also be a worthy trauma experience). One of the instances where I outdpsed a hunter and 2 locks, for example.

Or the run on Shadow labs. Good grief. The 2nd boss must've took more than half an hour, with the rest of the group dying every few minutes or so after running back. Maintaining aggro was impossible to say the least, and then there's the mind control thing. I've realized that I'm indeed a very, very twisted person.

Confession #1: I enjoy seeing Shorsha whack the tree healer and the mage around. Heck, I enjoyed seeing us running around killing each other. What fun!

Confession #2: I break sheep with CC intentionally because I hate having any form of CC when the healer survives an encounter with 80% mana. Of course I apologize after doing so... but I was sneering maniacally after. Guess which CC I'm referring to.

Confession #3: I'm still beating myself up for not rolling a male BE, but I admit Shorsha does look hot. Especially with a two-handed weapon.

Confession #4: Regardless of what I said, the only reason I rolled paladin was because they're the only class for BE that uses plate. It's all for the looks, folks. Who doesn't want a scrawny, huge hammer wielding barbie doll? Pity I'm stuck with a puny sword and shield.

One last note: Awesome thanks again to Ty for providing me the crystalforged sword :)