Sunday, December 23, 2007

4 A.M for Sunken Temple run

For some reason, the logon server is down, so I'm either a) Stuck reading forums and in consequence be exposed to more idiots b) finish up the rest of The Sword of Truth series and The Wizard Knight or c) Blog.

I chose blogging for now, and hope vainly that it'll be back to normal after I finish this post. So yesterday, for the first time with Shor (I'm using 'with Shor' instead of 'this toon' because it adds more intimacy. Like how some people refer themselves as the guardian of a pet, instead of the owner), I ran BRD and ST. Both as a healer.

Result = LOTS of blue healing gears + Thicker friends list + Healing burnout

BRD was quite literally a crawl in the park. The tank, a prot specced warrior was nothing short of mediocre. He couldn't hold aggro, he tanked with duel wielding, he wouldn't pull. So after a few times of watching him go, shaking my head, and smashing my flash of light key repeatedly, I told him to pop his shield, use thunderclap (won't help much, but he was only focusing to one single mob. That, sir, would not do), and oh for god's sake, pull. My leadership is a bit messed up now; it would simply grey out when I would attempt to transfer leadership to someone else, thus I was stuck with marking.

So I would mark a skull, then waited for one of them to pull. And waited. And waited. So I said, "Go.", then they'd pull. And always the hunter. So I said, "You're the tank. You have a gun. Pull." Things went considerably faster after that. I literally told him how to do his job throughout the run, albeit in a polite (and often curt) manner. I don't care. I just want the party to advance to a walk instead of a crawl. Then he left due to GF yelling. Okay, so I'm left healing 2 hunters and their pets, and a rogue. This rogue, while a decent person, is an absolute nutcase on somehow getting aggro. I guess I forgot to tell him that we have an /assist command.
Oh well.

Pulling problem arised again. Everytime we finish up a group of mobs, I had to mark and constantly say, "Go." before they would start to pull. If they're considerate to wait for me as the healer, then I thank them for it, but as long as my mana is above 50%, I'm ready. I felt like a queen, right then, with them obeying my orders with resolution. I mean a (first-time) healer. Ordering tank(s) and DPSes around. AMIRITE?! Ooooh, the ugly head is rearing!

Now, two hunters is already a bad composition to start with. It is unavoidable that in the end we wiped due to mass dwarven gang rape, around 2/3 in the instance. I was tired of healing and that instance, so we disbanded. It was around 11 P.M when this happened.

Unfortunately, immediately after, I got a tell asking me to come heal to ST. I was already planning to sleep, but come on, how can I not accept this? I've decided that I would see all Azeroth instances at least once before hitting outlands anyways. I got an invite, and after running around for 15 minutes or so trying to find the entrance to BRD and retrieve my corpse (getting lost in-game. I fail.), I clicked on the accept summon, and off we went to ST.

The leader, this awesome ret pally, was tanking. Originally I argued for that position, because, alas, I hated healing with a pally, and BRD burned me out, but she defended because of her lack of healing gear. Fine. Sure rets are squishies, but at least they're the threat machine at this level. My god, she was good. The party kept commenting on how they've got a good PuG for once, and I believe this feeling is mutually shared upon each member. We were a happy bunch.
My healing - though I was commented as being an amazing healer more than enough times today, in each run - was horrible. In the 2 runs of ST I did, I let the tank die thrice. First, because I have my usual late-night lag, second, the mobs put me to sleep, and thrice, because... well, it was 3 A.M. I cannot possibly be on my full alert self then. My control freak nature simply cannot accept my (or my net's) blunder, and after that I simply mashed my flash of light (and sometimes holy light) button, disregarding whether I was overhealing or not. I believe I actually healed her when she was in full health a few times. Anything to prevent death.

That happened in our second ST run. I was ready to fall asleep on my keyboard anytime. I didn't know how she managed to drag me in there for the second time, actually, but as a fairly responsible person, I hated seeing a group disband when I could've been there and prevented it. I sacrified half of my sleep that morning and ran in with them. And loved it. I met an awesome ret pally, an awesome mage, a lock with actual wit, and despite my critiques to that BRD group; a group that entertained me with their humor.

I heart good PuGs.

On the other note: we had a less than likeable hunter on our second ST run that day. This screenie actually made me smile everytime. Yes, that teeny tiny blob is her corpse.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Leveling is like watching paint dry

And worse.

Shorsha hit 51 today, a few levels behind my initial schedule due to having friends. She was supposed to hit 52 yesterday, but after a day of alcohol, getting hit on, food, more getting hit on, more food, and shopping spree (or other general girly girly stuff. Ew.), I had to abandon her for a day. Leveling started to feel like watching paint dry, due to all the running and drudgery and kill xx mobs to get xx items going on. I'm only doing this for outlands. I'm not even instancing anymore because I think my poor heart cannot possibly take anymore bad PuGs. I'll start instancing again once I reach outlands. Levels like these is what makes me long for a good guild, but sadly, I have to be above 60 to even have access to such guilds. I'm not into joining a leveling guild with 200+ players too, seeing how socially inept I am currently.

Anyhow, since this is a majorly pointless post, I'll just add that if I could reroll...

I would reroll a male BE. Or a female human. Males BEs have superior one handed animation, and despite looking blatantly homosexual, they don't really look as if they should sip tea or be on a catwalk instead. Once you put a helm on them, that is. Wall of the dead looks pretty ugly on Shor, but on a male BE...

And female humans. They have thunderthighs, sure, but hey, they look normal (as normal as female toons are in WoW), and hey, just cute. At least their dance doesn't look like it belongs in a striptease bar. WoW is darn sexist, sometimes. I would never touch a human male, though. Playing an old geezer that would pawn Arnold Schwazesomething on benchpress is something else entirely.

...I should stop writing something like this.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

dose hu tip liek dis r tardz

I'm curious on what other players do when they encounter a bad party. Do they stay there and hope for the best? Do they grind their teeth and try to refrain from pounding their keyboard? Or do they bail?

I bailed. My 3-man guild's GM; Nazzy and I were LFMing for Maraudon -since he was too low to really go to ZF- when a hunter joined. Okay, hunter. I try to avoid them most of the time, but alas, no one else was online. So. (And believe me, this isn't as bad as how he typed. I don't have the flair for bad typing, sadly, but I'll try my best to recreate. Oh, sometimes even I couldn't understand his 'english'.)

[Hunter]: ill be weeding here till u gayz com

I immediately hit guild chat.

/g I've got a bad feeling here. Kick?
[Nazzy]: Kicking him for bad grammar would just make us jerks.

Fine. Then that hunter told me to invite another warrior, and lo and behold, warrior only types slightly better, with all those intentional misspellings that every 10 year olds think is cool (some. Not all. Some. Met some really cool ones before.), and I asked him what his spec is. So he got into a full paragraph on explaining how he's fury but he brought a shield yadda yadda battle stance yadda yadda i can tank wid defen-

/p I'm prot specced, I'll tank.

Okay. So I kinda skipped what he said due to... well, utter lack of capitalization and bad grammar. I don't require my party members to type like I do, but for my sake, don't start typing like that. I'm prone to explode. So in a while, after guild chatting for a bit about how we're stuck in a potentially bad party, those two asked for another member to join. At this point I'm starting to have big doubts about their recruiting ability. Yknow, idiots always attract other idiots? We must be quite a big idiot magnet. Okay. So a druid comes. He types juuust like that. I didn't really seriously consider bailing until this point.

[Warriortard]: dis doesnt seem liek a good instancing group with 2 halers

2 healers? I glanced up at the party and only found a druid. Ok, so he meant me. I thought I said that I'm prot specced? I was pissed.

/p I'm not a healer, I'm a tank. Get your facts straight.

So this guy thinks a fury warrior can tank better than me? One who types like that?

[Warriortard]: lolol k 2 tanks then


[Guild]Nazzy: I thought we decided that you were tank 10 seconds ago?

My god, another subtle tank envy going on. Did the fact that I've mentioned the fact that I'm a tank more than a few times somehow eluded his simple mind? Yknow. Me prot. You fury.

/g Bail? Get an excuse, quick!

So we ended up apologizing to the party with an excuse of having to raid on a different server. We never did, of course, and later we wondered in gchat whether they had the wit to check or not. But I figured that damaged reputation with the likes of them would only be beneficial.

I miss my old rogue days where I don't care whether the group sucks or not as long as I live and we clear the instance. But then again on rogue's server, Malygos, there aren't really as much idiots there. Being a tank makes me a perfectionist, and thus a polite jerk at times.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Starting the AoE Grind

I've been referring to this post on the basics on how to AoE grind. I've actually tried it as soon as I ding'ed 35, but without reckoning at that level, my health was quite insufficient against more than 3 mobs, so I forgot about that for a while. After instancing and thinking, "Okay. drinking after every pull is ghei. Time to manage mana," I suddenly remembered my seal of light and seal of wisdom, so there I was, in my 3-man RFD (see previous post), juggling between Judgements, SoL, SoW, consecration, holy shield, and trying darn hard to hold threat with the goal of finishing the fight with full mana. If I consetrated enough, I could tank with no downtime, but I've learned that in order to achieve that, I had to pay with occasionally straying mobs. Having a warrior dual wielding fiery weapons didn't help at all. I'll try more of that later in a non-twink group.

In order to practice management of mana and health, I began trying to quest while AoE grinding in STV. So I would except a quest, get to the area, and immediately run around to collect mobs. I'm listing all the steps I go through while AoE grinding:

  1. Prop SoL.

  2. If mobs are spaced out, run around and hope they won't lose aggro while you collect 'em. 3+ preferred.

  3. Judge SoL on one, prop it back up.

  4. Consecration. I find that I can't do this more than once and going out of the fight with satisfying amount of mana.

  5. I usually holy shield once or twice; low amount of mana required, good if you're taking extra damage or like to see the yellows flying up. I know I do. I take screenies just because of yellows sometimes. Oh hell yea, baby.

  6. Wait... wait... till SoL runs out. If mana is running low, I judge SoL and prop SoW up.

  7. Repeat.

Killing was painfully, painfully slow, and I was actually thinking of getting a book to read, but y'know, surviving is 1/3 of the challenge (oh we will survive). The other 2/3 is ending the fight with full mana and health. First few times I had 'FAILZ' on my mind, as I was in a constant near death, or survived with full health but low mana, or vice versa. As lately I've been getting better and better, and unless I get really lazy and just want to kill things fast, I end up with zero to no grinding time. Except rounding up all those mobs together. Right now I can survive on up to 8, guts too small to try more.

I told my guildie how much I enjoyed AoE grinding, and he said that his pally survived a fight with King Bangalash and 2 adds with 75% mana. So I thought that maybe I could do it, and decided to do it. And oh hey, I survived with almost full health and certainly full mana, with healings from SoL only. I would've never dreamt of doing this with my rogue or druid (latter due to laaaag). But then again, I was always a crap dpser anyways (or if they can, maybe I'm just a crap leatherwearer in general). Took me around 2 minutes to kill King B, but in the end I was a happy pally who has shed that lie down and die motto.

I want a prettier UI. Funny how I can take so much, but then immediately hit bubble when ganked by 2 casters.

Edit: I don't know why Shor's pic on the left looks awfully pixelated and stretched out, but eh, too lazy to correct. You can marvel at her matching set anyhow.

Post 40 - Fun Begins

Who said that a leather wearing warrior is bad? Oh well, they are bad, but hey, props to Slash for 2-manning Gnomer. As I promised him, here are the screenies to our endeavor (and we downed last boss too):

After this 2-man, we invited the healer we love most. So off we went to 3-man RFD. Well, initially 4-man, but Slash made the other druid /leave by his tactless joke. Alas, I forgave him because he was sporting our 3-man guild's hot pink tabard. First run went smoothly, but at the second run, we wiped twice. First due to me asking the druid to tank while I heal due to the fact that I was quite close to passing out on my keyboard. So she did. I equipped my robe of the lich king... and... immediately burst out laughing. I mean, robe. With a shield. And a Herod's shoulder. God, that was the most terrible toon fashion ever. At that time we were doing the skeleton boss. I got aggroed by 20 skeletons, and forgetting that I was bubble girl, we died. I laughed for 5 minutes straight afterwards.

The next wipe was, however, due to the utter idiocy of the NPC of that escort quest. Yknow, with the ring reward. Once accepted, he kept dashing to that huge melting pot, aggroing rooms at his wake. Like, uh, weren't they supposed to help us fight? Results:


He's pretty darn stupid for a dragon.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Up and through that milestone

Yeap. You (probably) guessed right. Shorsha is a proud level 40 pally tank, and with a great ding event too. She dinged just right after Whitemane died. Pretty memorable ding with a pretty darn great party. Now I just have to get more plates upgrade, and quickly. What's with people putting level 40 plates for 20-30g (and more) anyways? One blue chest plate piece, and vying for more. I'm coming, ZF!

On a side note: I got a scarlet chestpiece in SM today. Well, actually, I unintentionally ninja-ed it; thinking it was BoP. But as I called for a re-roll, and later traded it to her, she refused, along with the warrior who originally wanted it. Probably since Shor's the only main there, and flat broke. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for it :)

After instancing pretty much from 30-40, I've come to learn and improve in many aspects of mid-level tanking, and occasionally, healing; and along with that, instancing mates. They were darn enjoyable leveling sessions, and I must say that my alt-aholism is pretty much cured. I'm pretty sure that I'll take Shor to level 70 now, hopefully in a few months' time.

Ugly horse with mail > ugly chocobo with skinny legs

WTB Night elf mount.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Burning out with PuGs

Let me just say this; bad PuGs will throw you off instancing for the rest of the day (or the week), but a good PuG would make everything totally worth it. Such case is what I've encountered during my runs on SM. First run today, I think I've encountered the most arrogant twink I've met; an undead rogue. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Pass leadership please so I can mark.
Arrogantwink: I'll mark
Me: Nah, I prefer I'll mark since I'm the tank.
Arrogantwink: Do you have a 70?

...Wow. I never knew that in order to mark you have to have a 70 toon. Truly astounding. I've learned something very valuable in that conversation. Those without a 70 toon are idiots by default and unworthy of marking. We should not tank. We should not mark. We should not show our face in PuGs. We should just /ignore Mr I HAVE A 70.

Okay. I admit, I'm still mad over that. Now this is a case of bad PuGing. Let me clarify some details. Our group was compromised of: Mr I HAVE A 70 arrogantwink rogue, a tauren warrior, a priest, and another rogue. So regardless of my seething rage, I ran with them, and Mr I HAVE A 70 (yes, I'm copy pasting.) would always sap, even if it's only a pull of 2. By then I simply did not bother to say that CCing with me in SM armory is pretty darn worthless. So oh hell, I complied with his markings like the nice angry tank that I am. Don't get me wrong, he was a good player, but any arrogant attitude immediately gets a down marking from me. Regardless of how good you are. I prefer running with a mildly bad player who's honestly learning than an arrogant twink who knows everything about his class.

Now, this is where everything became worth it. As I uttered sarcastic replies regarding his 1337 level 70 toon, I got a whisper from the other rogue. We shared a common hate, it seemed. So we bonded against that evil twink. We chatted, we insulted each other, we joked, we whispered during that whole run. We became fast friends. I was no longer the angry, lonely tank, but lo and behold, I am the still angry, but having fun tank. Everything became better. So the Arrogantwink left, and we were left with the warrior, who recruited another warrior.

Now this is where it became bad again. Warrior A kept shouting "LEEEEEEROY JENKENS!" (yes, jenkens. Not Jenkins. Jenkens.), and warrior B was... well, of one kin with warrior A. So Awesome Rogue and me coordinated bail after sticking with them enough. I feigned lunch while he feigned shower. I said, "ZOMG GAIZ! Maid been shouting for lunch!" and left. That was bad etiquette, but PuGs burned me out, and I had no patience to deal with another one. I'm sure I ended up on people's hostile list today.

So after that me and Awesome Rogue coordinated our own PuG. We 4-manned SM a few times with 2 different groups, and I've met a huntard who wanted only to be run by a 60-70 yet queued for an instance (then wanted to join after he questioned my herod's shoulder), that Arrogantwink wanted in again (I don't have a level 70, sorry), and I lost herod's helm for the second time, but by the end of the day, after multiple instances of tanking/whispering, I was no longer wary.

Bad PuGs can ruin the day, but a friend can make a whole world of difference. I thank that bad PuG for the start of a wonderful day.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Are you sure you want to know how old I am?

Do you really?

I regard any question like that an attempt to flirt, or a debauchery of privacy. How old do you think I am, 10, 17, 23, 40? Say whichever you want, and most of the time I'll just agree on whichever digit(s) you chose.

But in the case of the screenie above, I answered with a simple, "Old enough."

Being a tank in some cases made me ill-humored ;)

And oh come on, I said 'toilet break', not 'potty break'.

Let's all loot Herod!

Today is a historical day. Shorsha did her second full run of SM armory! (First run was... a bad experience of being run through) Well, first time with a full group with me tanking. We had a 37 pally, a 39 mage, a priest, and me, the 34 pally. Since the 37 was a retardin (with 400 hp behind me), I ended up tanking.

All in short, this is probably the first instance I had to remotely pay attention to tank. The retardin kept hitting the unmarked target, and the priest kept pulling aggro, so there you go, salvation. With all the higher leveled toons around, it was a bit harder for me to manage aggro. But oh well, I did. Sometimes not. Damn retardin who couldn't control his aggro worth anything. Since there was a priest, I didn't particularly manage my aggro range nor runners, so I let em run away and pull another group, and went, "hell yeah!", then immediately afterwards, "OMG! We're gonna die!" Which we never did anyways.

A problem I encountered though, was the priest who kept bubbling me at the beginning of the fight. I warned him once, but he didn't heed, so I just let him do it. I'm over with warning people after all the instances I tanked, anyhow. I had relatively easier time to maintain aggro at the next run after the priest left, so folks, remember to not bubble your pallytank unless you want those big bad angry mobs to bite your flanks.

In no time we reached Herod (pulling a few groups at a time -albeit unintentionally- really does speed it up), and guess what I got? Yeap, Herod's Shoulder. That made me a really happy pally tank. I refrained from spamming the chat with smilies, thankfully. So the run was over, and the priest left, and the rest wanted more. Outwardly I feigned concern by saying, "are you sure we can do this?" though inside I was thinking, 'w00t! No more bubbles!'

So short story long, we ran again. This time I was extra careful in pulling, letting the mage sheep mobs, even in a pull of 2. Since I wanted that run to end up without any deaths, I reproached the retardin (now healadin. Heh.) when he kept hitting the wrong mobs. Wait a sec. A healer who dps? I ignored that. We were only pulling 2 or 3 at a time anyways.

Well, there goes my frame of mind... until I died vs 3 mobs. Upon my death I glanced at his mana bar, only to see it full. Like, what in hell, dude? So I told him to stop dps and concentrate on healing. The rest of the party seemed to snap out of the trance and agreed too. Also had to warn the lock against pulling when the mage was drinking. Uh, hello? Do you not realize that she was doing... oh, around 60% of the dps? Right. Let me pull. Thank you. I got a "ty :)" from the mage for that.

We went to Herod without any other dead pally tanks, and to make it safe, I commanded the retardin to stay up there and heal. He downed while I tank/heal, and dropped the helm. Which I lost with a roll of 5 =/ Oh well, let that pally have it since he lost the shoulder. I sighed and stared at my laptop screen dejectedly, outwardly appearing nonchalant but inside I was in a turmoil of emotion. Since I hated losing. Then imagine my surprise when Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade dropped! The lock also wanted it, so I told him to just roll need seeing that we both wanted it. I wasn't exactly confident that I'll win, so I kept looting all those corpses, then I saw on the chat: [Warlock]: T_T

I scrolled up... and... Oh em gee! Oh em gee! OH- Okay, you get the idea. So I shift-B and tried to find that stupid tabard. Right. A tabard with a cloak icon. Once again I refrained from spamming :D on party chat but indeed smiled like a fool IRL.

Thus I present Shorsha with her new tabard:

P.S I recall the priest /p Wow, I hardly have to heal. Love pally tanks.

I didn't comment on that one, but heh. That put a swell of pride, at least. And a brief smile. <3 self.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Best thing that's been said to me

[Shaman] whispers: are you a girl?
To [Shaman]: How did you know?
To [Shaman]: O wait. No, I'm the manly man.
[Shaman] whispers: i didn't know, only that you don't sound like a horny 9 year old.
To [Shaman]: ew.

I ROFLed in real life. Really. But I feel bad for 9 year olds everywhere. They're not as horny as that, really. One I've met is really quite decent, and guess what, he played a male BE. If only he didn't insist on tagging with me every time...

And sadly, he typed better than most folks I've met. Irony.

Ding 32 after almost wipe in RFK

Wow. Astounding. I actually dinged 32. I had truly thought that I would have another 5 alts around mid-20 and Shorsha would be abandoned. Thank god that's not the case. Shorsha is a proud 32 now, 3 more levels until she can run SM and RFD smoothly.

The other day she had successfully tanked a 4-man run on RFK. Well, initially 5-man. I had a prot pally (who wanted nothing but to heal), an elemental shaman (who said that he couldn't do anything but heal), a warlock, a fury warrior and me. Shaman and pally are two that I group with almost every time - and I had a bad feeling about her - and the warrior was a not-so-random someone I met earlier. At this point I was seriously avoiding partying with someone I haven't partied with before, but alas, I had to since all the people in my friends list are... well, healers.

Okay. And one mage.

Whyyy? Whyyyy did I not befriend dps?!

Oh right. Roguetards and huntards.

Anyhow, remember the saying to not judge a book by its cover? Well, I apply the reverse for PuGs. People are always what they seem. They type like a 10 year old on sugar rush? Well, chances are, they play like one. So as always, I explain the rules first to them: First kill skull, then cross. No answer. Fine. They started summoning, and once again I repeated that instruction. First pull, warrior started attack unmarked mob. I warned him about it, and got a positive response. The lock, however... why do I know that for her skull = last kill?

That besides, there was quite a problem at first regarding the healing role. Those two didn't want to give up their role, so I suggested alternating heal, as in one would heal when another mana's ran out, otherwise pick another role. It worked quite fine, but then the pally left. So I shrugged and said, "oh well, wanna 4-man it?". The shaman replied, "might as well see how far we can get. Maybe worth some blues."

So off we went 4-manning RFK. In short time we downed all the bosses, only dilly dallying by grinding on bats because the shaman wanted the leather. The problem, however, arose after we defeated the boss. There was a case of almost wipe, where I dropped down bellow Razorflank's tent, proceeded to hit a group of mobs, almost killing the caster before it ran off to aggro another group. Warlock got DCed, so I was like, oh, okay. 2 groups? Easy. THEN another mob ran off and aggroed the third group. By this time I was panicking. A slight glance at the top of the screen revealed that the shaman's mana was non-existant, and I had around 1/5 of my mana bar with me. Warrior's health was also running kind off low. Right. I couldn't hit my oh- shit button, since it'll wipe aggro, so I self-healed while the shaman focused his remaining mana on the warrior. Since the warrior had decent hp by now, I let him tank a few of the mobs. Slowly we killed them off with the shaman's minimum heals, until around 2 was left. Then the lock jumped down.

...And fire rains another group.

Indeed we didn't wipe. Indeed we somehow survived being mobbed by four groups of elites chockful with casters.

Later: /ignore locktard

Alas, good news is that I've gotten all the blues I want from this instance in two runs.

P.S Someone, please remind me that pallies have a seal that prevents FLEEING.

I can't stop beating myself over that potential wipe. I need more mastery over my hotkeys. So for this post, I'm also labeled as one of the idiots. Down with me.

/cries in a corner

Goals for next week:
- Get mithril spike installed
- Start running SM
- Down thermaplugg in Gnomer for that quest pants and shield

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Big Head

= Big Helm

No. Not necessarily. I'm afraid her head will snap under that weight someday.

Anorexic barbie + 20kg helm = bad combination

Friday, November 30, 2007

Running with Fear

Case 1: 4 hydras attack. 2 paladins tank. One had 3 on her, the other chasing the hydra that' had been attacking the squishies. Druid healed, hunter whatever he did, and warlock... fears.

/p Please don't fear.

[Party]Idiotlock: why? when i fear you guys chase after it easier cuz its closer to u.

/p No they don't. Please stop it.

Case 2: Party goes smoothly. Aggros gets kept, and I AoE tank. Warlock... fears.

/p Please don't fear. We need to get hit in order to generate aggro.

No response.

Fine. Still nice enough.

Case 3: Waves after Kelris. Second tank logged out. Druid, hunter and warlock left. 2 turtles attack. Good. I head to them, immediately hit consecration, seal of righteousness, judgement of righteousness, seal of- FUCKING HELL, WHY DID YOU FEAR?! WHAT CAN 2 TURTLES DO TO ME?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!

I'm still nice. I am.

/p Why did you fear!

[Party]Idiotlock: theres nothing in this room, so no aggro

/p It's not the matter of aggro or not, but we need to get hit in order to generate threat. Working with us is different than working with warriors.

How many times do I have to repeaaaaaaaaat?! I'm sure you'd be booted from the group by said warriors each time, doofus.

[Party]Idiotlock: excuseblablablaexcuse i have a pally.

My thoughts: So what if you have a pally? For all I know I can roll a level 1 warlock and say I have a lock! Your pally can bite my shield.

I remain civil.

/p I have to RUN AROUND.

[Party]Idiotlock: taking back aggro is easy.


/p ... Urgh. Do whatever you wish.

And wow, all that time I argued NO ONE stepped up to defend me, even though later the (amazing) healer agreed with me. In a whisper.

Damn them all.

But at least I got a nice grinding weapon. Shorsha turned 27 and getting weirder.


Random images:

Beautiful scenery in Zoram strand (and my new hot Strike of the Hydra ... striking a hydra.)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Etiquettes in Instancing with a (Low-level) Paladin as Your Tank

After getting probably a bad PuG for the third time (and coincidentally, every one of them had a rogue), I've decided that it's time to list some general no-noes and yes-yes in partying etiquette and instancing.

1. Do NOT say, "This is the noobiest instance, blablabla."
Because that is irrelevant, and can decrease the moral of the party. I don't care if you're omgwtf1337super twinked, or if this is a newbie instance you've probably done 100 times, but I expect people to follow me if I'm the tank. If I say, "kill skull first," then it's probably for your own good, and not just because I like seeing stuff floating above monster's head (and that too, but...). Most of the time, the MT is the leader. Know them, follow them, because chances are, they're working their butts off to save you from seeing the sorry sight of your own corpse. Whatever the instance is, it is just as important to conduct proper group work. I don't like to see you get hit, and you don't like to die. Follow my ways and we win-win.

2. When searching for another party member, and seeing little success, do not suddenly leave after saying, "fuck this."
Instant /ignore. I'm picky like that.

3. Do not say, "Thx, g2g guys," right after the end boss.
When people play well, they expect people to recognize their worth, not a 'g2g' and bam! everyone leaves. I can't stress this enough, but if you're in a good group, and you guys just felled the end boss without any hitch, by gods, say something of worth! As a tank (and as a general ego-maniac girl) I expect people to recognize my efforts on saving their arses, as I always do with any good party members I meet. A little compliment can go a long way with being invited back. At least I tend to get asked to tank by mostly the guys I've complimented on ;)

4. If I say don't do it, then don't do it.
Don't fear that stupid mob because you felt like it. Do some research on how to work with us (for the clueless, we generate threat from being hit), or learn and listen. I don't care what you think, but I like getting hit.

5. Leave that pet's taunt off!
I didn't pull 8 elites just because I think being battered by so much mob that I can't see myself is smexy, but because I'm good at AoE tanking, I trust my healer, and I know you won't somehow die from a stray mob. So turn that thing off and leave us to our own tanking.

6. Inform of aggro.
/p Aggro!
Simple eh?

7. Do not try to tank if you're a leather wearer.
Honestly, all the bad PuGs I've partied with had at least one twinked rogue who thought they're so damn hot tanking those elites. Not generalizing, but I got so tired of it I began asking each rogue that joined my group whether he/she's twinked. Look, we tank, you dps. Don't pull mobs in purpose just because your gear is 1337. I don't care. You leather. Me mail. Me tank. End story. Realize that most tanks are control freaks. You being a tank wannabe doesn't exactly suppress our emerging control freak nature.

8. Don't... need my Silverlaine's Family Seal ;_;
My preciouuuuuuuuuussssssss!

...And that's pretty much it. Luckily I haven't met that much bad PuGs, so my list remains short. I've somehow managed to snag another instancing partner, so wish me all the best luck in getting more good players to run with. No tank wannabe twinked rogues, hopefully.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

From the Ignorance of a Rogue

Righto. WoW is down due to some emergency maintenance, and I feel like it's the right time to confess. Before this, I viewed pallies as crap tanks. Granted, that was before 2.3 (like, oh, a year before that. I just started playing again. Huzzah!), but every time a pally would tank in an instance at my rogue/druid (now fired mains), I would be like, "Oh hell noes you gais cant tenkz!!!11!!!1one!", or when they dps I would say, "I never expected you to do decent dps anyways. /shrug." Now I can see how the general populations' views of pallies can be very disheartening. I don't know how this has changed at the one year of my absence, but I can see how they felt, being put down due to general misconception of classes without being given a chance to look at the player's skills first.

Actually, my ignorance was so bad that I actually fear for myself when a pally does indeed did the tanking. Now, a year ago I was at my rogue, and I was quite adept at aggro controlling, really, never really pulling aggro from a good tank unless my mind started its own wandering again. Back at those days I had a warrior GM I instanced with almost every time, and he had this pally friend who tagged along almost every time (thanks for the good times, Zguy. It was one of my most memorable WoW experience). Guess what the pally did? Healing. Buffing. Never once did that pally tank. Their generally passive acceptance of their roles being reduced to healbots did not help, surely. Though at that time they were indeed only reduced to being healbots by bloken talent trees. But gosh, FIGHT BACK, PEOPLE. Where's the paladin pride?!


Anyhow, second case: Playing a mid-twentyish warrior at BFD (still a long time ago). Pally was there. In one boss, the healer lagged and I died, and he tanked the boss throughout the battle, reviving me in the middle of the fight. I'd never managed to grab the aggro back, but I remember that was the stepping stone of my initial fangirling pallies. Their utility, the fact that they can tank, and heck, they look cool in mail/plate. I would gladly take a male blood elf paladin as a pet any day. I forgot what your name was, but thank you, human paladin, you put a great impression on the mind of an ignorant rogue. Well, I remember that I didn't tank as good too as a warrior; simply too much button mashing, almost having no time to see my surroundings. At pally though, tanking was more leisurely, giving me time to keep an eye on everything while tanking and not only my hotkeys. Granted I'm still low level, but I believe this stark difference also applies end-game.

Back in my rogue days, I also tried leveling a pally, but soon gave up at level 4 because I had nothing to mash. Hello, sinister strike, anyone? Not having 22223 to mash, I soon gave up from utter boredom. I think a friend got me to try a pally in the first place. Whoever he was.

I have no idea why I started Shorsha, when trying a pally gave such bad initial impression, but I'm glad I rolled her. I don't think I've been quite as happy with a class as I did with her. Let's hope this doesn't change at higher levels. Hip hip huzzah pallies!

For the bloodknights!


First Run in SFK

First, let me just say: I'm altaholic. Extremely atlaholic. So altaholic that in fact I should tell everyone a warning that I might one day decide to try out an alt and disappear from their friend list. Shorsha is the many attempts I had to stick to one character, and by the name of tankadin, I do hope I can stick with her this time. She's extremely fun to play; today I just my first ever run at SFK. It went brilliantly smooth, with two shamans, one druid, and one rogue. We went in, and to my surprise, tanking was extremely easy. I just had to throw righteous fury, concentration, seal of righteousness, judgement of righteousness, and the mobs were sticking to me like glue.

At the middle of the instance we went at our first, measly hitch; the mobs can silence. I've read about this prior, thus we were prepared. So I sent the (non-feral specced) druid to do the job until the non-human mobs are finished. He did it brilliant, though there was an instance of near wipe where he pulled around ten wolves at the same time. I, though, tanked every boss except the silencer-human-thing. To my utter delight, a blue shield dropped. The shaman tried rolling on it, but oh hell no baby, I won it!

Yet another step towards my tanking goal. The instance finished, and the shaman friend complimented me on my tanking. I made sure that they never pulled a single aggro from me, and all in all, a single compliment had made it all worth it :D

I was extremely lucky to find a group where people understand the term 'groupwork'. Almost got into another PuG for SFK where the rogue had said, "I'll tank." I'm glad I didn't; I hit leave almost as soon as he said it. Better leave the bud alone than take the trouble to nip it or watch it blossom.

On the other hand, I dropped mining and blacksmithing and went for alchemy and herbalism, since they are a good a money generator, and somehow more useful for me for leveling. Alas, I had to spend around three hours walking around barrens and Mulgore to get my herbalism up to 70 so I can start collect briarthorns. Boy, I hope this is worth it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Starting the Chronicle

So. I admit this isn't the best title... but it seems to fit right now. I'm the player of a level 22 paladin, Shorsha, of realm D'arthremar (and no, I can't spell my own realm). Since the start of playing WoW I've been into tanking. Actually, I've made a few warriors, enjoyed tanking with them, but they were never really my forte. Thus after a few research, and because blood elves look hot, I decided to make a tankadin, with the underlying noble intent to prove to the community and pallies are meant to tank too.

I've perhaps only done around five instances up to date, but damn it, it was fuuuun. Gained some friends on my friend list from previous instances. Today, though, was disheartening at best. Really disheartening. I encountered a bad PuG. It all started in BFD, when I partied with two rogues, one shaman friend, and a mage. We pretty much agreed on me tanking, but alas, the rogue kept rushing and tanked everything on sight during the run. We didn't go far, of course, wiping as that cocky idiot started pulling like, oh, a mere room full of elite murlocs. Far before that I wished that he would just die, then I'll have a reason to leave. Well, he did. So my and shaman left, and I whispered another paladin I've run with previously, to be offered a spot in her group. Suffice to say, though I didn't tank, it was a damn enjoyable run.

Result of the day:
- Two blues
- Attempts to pull threat from a frenzied twinked rogue trying to play tank
- Experience on healing

A long way to go :)