Wednesday, November 28, 2007

From the Ignorance of a Rogue

Righto. WoW is down due to some emergency maintenance, and I feel like it's the right time to confess. Before this, I viewed pallies as crap tanks. Granted, that was before 2.3 (like, oh, a year before that. I just started playing again. Huzzah!), but every time a pally would tank in an instance at my rogue/druid (now fired mains), I would be like, "Oh hell noes you gais cant tenkz!!!11!!!1one!", or when they dps I would say, "I never expected you to do decent dps anyways. /shrug." Now I can see how the general populations' views of pallies can be very disheartening. I don't know how this has changed at the one year of my absence, but I can see how they felt, being put down due to general misconception of classes without being given a chance to look at the player's skills first.

Actually, my ignorance was so bad that I actually fear for myself when a pally does indeed did the tanking. Now, a year ago I was at my rogue, and I was quite adept at aggro controlling, really, never really pulling aggro from a good tank unless my mind started its own wandering again. Back at those days I had a warrior GM I instanced with almost every time, and he had this pally friend who tagged along almost every time (thanks for the good times, Zguy. It was one of my most memorable WoW experience). Guess what the pally did? Healing. Buffing. Never once did that pally tank. Their generally passive acceptance of their roles being reduced to healbots did not help, surely. Though at that time they were indeed only reduced to being healbots by bloken talent trees. But gosh, FIGHT BACK, PEOPLE. Where's the paladin pride?!


Anyhow, second case: Playing a mid-twentyish warrior at BFD (still a long time ago). Pally was there. In one boss, the healer lagged and I died, and he tanked the boss throughout the battle, reviving me in the middle of the fight. I'd never managed to grab the aggro back, but I remember that was the stepping stone of my initial fangirling pallies. Their utility, the fact that they can tank, and heck, they look cool in mail/plate. I would gladly take a male blood elf paladin as a pet any day. I forgot what your name was, but thank you, human paladin, you put a great impression on the mind of an ignorant rogue. Well, I remember that I didn't tank as good too as a warrior; simply too much button mashing, almost having no time to see my surroundings. At pally though, tanking was more leisurely, giving me time to keep an eye on everything while tanking and not only my hotkeys. Granted I'm still low level, but I believe this stark difference also applies end-game.

Back in my rogue days, I also tried leveling a pally, but soon gave up at level 4 because I had nothing to mash. Hello, sinister strike, anyone? Not having 22223 to mash, I soon gave up from utter boredom. I think a friend got me to try a pally in the first place. Whoever he was.

I have no idea why I started Shorsha, when trying a pally gave such bad initial impression, but I'm glad I rolled her. I don't think I've been quite as happy with a class as I did with her. Let's hope this doesn't change at higher levels. Hip hip huzzah pallies!

For the bloodknights!


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