Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Run in SFK

First, let me just say: I'm altaholic. Extremely atlaholic. So altaholic that in fact I should tell everyone a warning that I might one day decide to try out an alt and disappear from their friend list. Shorsha is the many attempts I had to stick to one character, and by the name of tankadin, I do hope I can stick with her this time. She's extremely fun to play; today I just my first ever run at SFK. It went brilliantly smooth, with two shamans, one druid, and one rogue. We went in, and to my surprise, tanking was extremely easy. I just had to throw righteous fury, concentration, seal of righteousness, judgement of righteousness, and the mobs were sticking to me like glue.

At the middle of the instance we went at our first, measly hitch; the mobs can silence. I've read about this prior, thus we were prepared. So I sent the (non-feral specced) druid to do the job until the non-human mobs are finished. He did it brilliant, though there was an instance of near wipe where he pulled around ten wolves at the same time. I, though, tanked every boss except the silencer-human-thing. To my utter delight, a blue shield dropped. The shaman tried rolling on it, but oh hell no baby, I won it!

Yet another step towards my tanking goal. The instance finished, and the shaman friend complimented me on my tanking. I made sure that they never pulled a single aggro from me, and all in all, a single compliment had made it all worth it :D

I was extremely lucky to find a group where people understand the term 'groupwork'. Almost got into another PuG for SFK where the rogue had said, "I'll tank." I'm glad I didn't; I hit leave almost as soon as he said it. Better leave the bud alone than take the trouble to nip it or watch it blossom.

On the other hand, I dropped mining and blacksmithing and went for alchemy and herbalism, since they are a good a money generator, and somehow more useful for me for leveling. Alas, I had to spend around three hours walking around barrens and Mulgore to get my herbalism up to 70 so I can start collect briarthorns. Boy, I hope this is worth it.

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