Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Starting the Chronicle

So. I admit this isn't the best title... but it seems to fit right now. I'm the player of a level 22 paladin, Shorsha, of realm D'arthremar (and no, I can't spell my own realm). Since the start of playing WoW I've been into tanking. Actually, I've made a few warriors, enjoyed tanking with them, but they were never really my forte. Thus after a few research, and because blood elves look hot, I decided to make a tankadin, with the underlying noble intent to prove to the community and pallies are meant to tank too.

I've perhaps only done around five instances up to date, but damn it, it was fuuuun. Gained some friends on my friend list from previous instances. Today, though, was disheartening at best. Really disheartening. I encountered a bad PuG. It all started in BFD, when I partied with two rogues, one shaman friend, and a mage. We pretty much agreed on me tanking, but alas, the rogue kept rushing and tanked everything on sight during the run. We didn't go far, of course, wiping as that cocky idiot started pulling like, oh, a mere room full of elite murlocs. Far before that I wished that he would just die, then I'll have a reason to leave. Well, he did. So my and shaman left, and I whispered another paladin I've run with previously, to be offered a spot in her group. Suffice to say, though I didn't tank, it was a damn enjoyable run.

Result of the day:
- Two blues
- Attempts to pull threat from a frenzied twinked rogue trying to play tank
- Experience on healing

A long way to go :)

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