Friday, November 30, 2007

Running with Fear

Case 1: 4 hydras attack. 2 paladins tank. One had 3 on her, the other chasing the hydra that' had been attacking the squishies. Druid healed, hunter whatever he did, and warlock... fears.

/p Please don't fear.

[Party]Idiotlock: why? when i fear you guys chase after it easier cuz its closer to u.

/p No they don't. Please stop it.

Case 2: Party goes smoothly. Aggros gets kept, and I AoE tank. Warlock... fears.

/p Please don't fear. We need to get hit in order to generate aggro.

No response.

Fine. Still nice enough.

Case 3: Waves after Kelris. Second tank logged out. Druid, hunter and warlock left. 2 turtles attack. Good. I head to them, immediately hit consecration, seal of righteousness, judgement of righteousness, seal of- FUCKING HELL, WHY DID YOU FEAR?! WHAT CAN 2 TURTLES DO TO ME?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!

I'm still nice. I am.

/p Why did you fear!

[Party]Idiotlock: theres nothing in this room, so no aggro

/p It's not the matter of aggro or not, but we need to get hit in order to generate threat. Working with us is different than working with warriors.

How many times do I have to repeaaaaaaaaat?! I'm sure you'd be booted from the group by said warriors each time, doofus.

[Party]Idiotlock: excuseblablablaexcuse i have a pally.

My thoughts: So what if you have a pally? For all I know I can roll a level 1 warlock and say I have a lock! Your pally can bite my shield.

I remain civil.

/p I have to RUN AROUND.

[Party]Idiotlock: taking back aggro is easy.


/p ... Urgh. Do whatever you wish.

And wow, all that time I argued NO ONE stepped up to defend me, even though later the (amazing) healer agreed with me. In a whisper.

Damn them all.

But at least I got a nice grinding weapon. Shorsha turned 27 and getting weirder.


Random images:

Beautiful scenery in Zoram strand (and my new hot Strike of the Hydra ... striking a hydra.)

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