Saturday, December 1, 2007

Big Head

= Big Helm

No. Not necessarily. I'm afraid her head will snap under that weight someday.

Anorexic barbie + 20kg helm = bad combination


Lalecize said...

Heya Shor!! Nice blog!

Wow...rogue main and pallytanking alt..sounds familier ;).

Loving the PuG storys - haha, the rogue tanking?

I have a constant battle finding people that understand pallytanking, but ultimatly add anyone that works well and listens to your friends list. Its the best LFG you have as a pallytank.

For those that don't believe - pop a one shot of SM for them :p.

On another note - those silencing mobs in SM threw me too. I found if I consecrated first, pulled them onto it, popped a SoR on the skull (if you can get this in before the silence), then rely on your sheild spike and ret aura to keep em glued on you.
While doing this, tab target the mobs and wack them a few times with whatever weapon you have. Using that method, I generally had no problems tanking them.

I cant check ur armoury from work - but make sure you got urself a shield spike, have ret aura and RF on. That way you will have no probs holding aggro as long as they are beating on you!

Your level was great fun to tank. At level 49 its getting a little harder to hold aggro while conserving mana, as the DPS classes are all starting to skill up and pump out more dps (relatively) than before.

Haha - be wary of warlocks using hellfire :p

Shorsha said...

Thanks for the comments :)

And yes, indeed, I played a rogue as my main before, or generally other dps toons. I can only say that goddamnit, tanking opened a whole new world of perspective.

I don't have shield spike currently, due to the lack of funding, but I'm trying to obtain a mithril one for my heart of agamaggan. Ah well, such is the life of playing in a new server.

And thanks for the advice, I'll definitely try it once I start running SM. Go pallies!

HolyWarrior said...

Well pally tank/healer(70) with rogue AND lock alts (55 and 61) so I guess I'm the other side of the same coin.

Rogue tanking and hellfire ftw!!!

Kidding! From my experience tanking I know full well the ramifications of over zealous rogues and locks, so mine play nice :)

Fun blog.

Shield Spike? my personal view is that with RF, cons, BoSanc and ret aura I'd prefer a stamina or avoidance enchant on shield, don't know if there is one at you level though. But my pallytank is getting stamina on his shield, but dunno as I levelled 1-70 as holy - hehe

Lalecize said...

Any little bit more threat helps.
A shield spike is a must.

Particularly for grinding, every mobs that hits you gets another hit back!

Ay level 70, I would say it matters less. At the lower levels its a definite. I personally wouldn't go without one.

Shorsha said...

Easy to say, Holy and lale :(

Since I'm starting at a new server, I'm pretty much set back to zero. I don't have the funds to have either, so I'll have to make do with this chantless gears I've got.

/long sigh