Monday, December 10, 2007

Up and through that milestone

Yeap. You (probably) guessed right. Shorsha is a proud level 40 pally tank, and with a great ding event too. She dinged just right after Whitemane died. Pretty memorable ding with a pretty darn great party. Now I just have to get more plates upgrade, and quickly. What's with people putting level 40 plates for 20-30g (and more) anyways? One blue chest plate piece, and vying for more. I'm coming, ZF!

On a side note: I got a scarlet chestpiece in SM today. Well, actually, I unintentionally ninja-ed it; thinking it was BoP. But as I called for a re-roll, and later traded it to her, she refused, along with the warrior who originally wanted it. Probably since Shor's the only main there, and flat broke. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for it :)

After instancing pretty much from 30-40, I've come to learn and improve in many aspects of mid-level tanking, and occasionally, healing; and along with that, instancing mates. They were darn enjoyable leveling sessions, and I must say that my alt-aholism is pretty much cured. I'm pretty sure that I'll take Shor to level 70 now, hopefully in a few months' time.

Ugly horse with mail > ugly chocobo with skinny legs

WTB Night elf mount.

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