Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let's all loot Herod!

Today is a historical day. Shorsha did her second full run of SM armory! (First run was... a bad experience of being run through) Well, first time with a full group with me tanking. We had a 37 pally, a 39 mage, a priest, and me, the 34 pally. Since the 37 was a retardin (with 400 hp behind me), I ended up tanking.

All in short, this is probably the first instance I had to remotely pay attention to tank. The retardin kept hitting the unmarked target, and the priest kept pulling aggro, so there you go, salvation. With all the higher leveled toons around, it was a bit harder for me to manage aggro. But oh well, I did. Sometimes not. Damn retardin who couldn't control his aggro worth anything. Since there was a priest, I didn't particularly manage my aggro range nor runners, so I let em run away and pull another group, and went, "hell yeah!", then immediately afterwards, "OMG! We're gonna die!" Which we never did anyways.

A problem I encountered though, was the priest who kept bubbling me at the beginning of the fight. I warned him once, but he didn't heed, so I just let him do it. I'm over with warning people after all the instances I tanked, anyhow. I had relatively easier time to maintain aggro at the next run after the priest left, so folks, remember to not bubble your pallytank unless you want those big bad angry mobs to bite your flanks.

In no time we reached Herod (pulling a few groups at a time -albeit unintentionally- really does speed it up), and guess what I got? Yeap, Herod's Shoulder. That made me a really happy pally tank. I refrained from spamming the chat with smilies, thankfully. So the run was over, and the priest left, and the rest wanted more. Outwardly I feigned concern by saying, "are you sure we can do this?" though inside I was thinking, 'w00t! No more bubbles!'

So short story long, we ran again. This time I was extra careful in pulling, letting the mage sheep mobs, even in a pull of 2. Since I wanted that run to end up without any deaths, I reproached the retardin (now healadin. Heh.) when he kept hitting the wrong mobs. Wait a sec. A healer who dps? I ignored that. We were only pulling 2 or 3 at a time anyways.

Well, there goes my frame of mind... until I died vs 3 mobs. Upon my death I glanced at his mana bar, only to see it full. Like, what in hell, dude? So I told him to stop dps and concentrate on healing. The rest of the party seemed to snap out of the trance and agreed too. Also had to warn the lock against pulling when the mage was drinking. Uh, hello? Do you not realize that she was doing... oh, around 60% of the dps? Right. Let me pull. Thank you. I got a "ty :)" from the mage for that.

We went to Herod without any other dead pally tanks, and to make it safe, I commanded the retardin to stay up there and heal. He downed while I tank/heal, and dropped the helm. Which I lost with a roll of 5 =/ Oh well, let that pally have it since he lost the shoulder. I sighed and stared at my laptop screen dejectedly, outwardly appearing nonchalant but inside I was in a turmoil of emotion. Since I hated losing. Then imagine my surprise when Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade dropped! The lock also wanted it, so I told him to just roll need seeing that we both wanted it. I wasn't exactly confident that I'll win, so I kept looting all those corpses, then I saw on the chat: [Warlock]: T_T

I scrolled up... and... Oh em gee! Oh em gee! OH- Okay, you get the idea. So I shift-B and tried to find that stupid tabard. Right. A tabard with a cloak icon. Once again I refrained from spamming :D on party chat but indeed smiled like a fool IRL.

Thus I present Shorsha with her new tabard:

P.S I recall the priest /p Wow, I hardly have to heal. Love pally tanks.

I didn't comment on that one, but heh. That put a swell of pride, at least. And a brief smile. <3 self.


Lalecize said...

Nice shor!!
Read my top 10 ways to annoy your tank :p.

Don't let anyone pull, don't let the priest bubble you, and don't let the mage sheep! Haha.

If a priest bubbles me (at the start of a fight, not in a near death situation), I right click the buff off and ask them not to. Seriously, with a pallytank its bad, you get no reactive threat.
With a warrior/druid they get no rage.
Bubbling at the start is bad.

Never let anyone else pull. With a pallytank if you get initial aggro, its hard for them to get it off. If you don't, its hard for you to get it back.

Sheeping...hmm. While the best form of CC you have to watch your consecrate around it. I personally would only use it if you have distant casters that you dont wna arcane torren onto you shield.

In general I have now pallytanked all the azeroth instances without any for of CC easily.

Thats No CC! Constant Consecration FTW!

Lookin hot in ur tabbard! I always wanted that!

Shorsha said...

Hehe, I was darn lucky to get that at second run. Never seen it again after. Although that run was only full of CC due to the fact that a retardin was healing, and well, I don't really trust that healer. After this particular instance, I never really CCed anymore. My parties blasted through the instance with no CC and exhausted healers ;)

Having fun with AoE!

(and hey, I checked your post, even commented on it ages ago. Getting oooold? :P)