Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Leveling is like watching paint dry

And worse.

Shorsha hit 51 today, a few levels behind my initial schedule due to having friends. She was supposed to hit 52 yesterday, but after a day of alcohol, getting hit on, food, more getting hit on, more food, and shopping spree (or other general girly girly stuff. Ew.), I had to abandon her for a day. Leveling started to feel like watching paint dry, due to all the running and drudgery and kill xx mobs to get xx items going on. I'm only doing this for outlands. I'm not even instancing anymore because I think my poor heart cannot possibly take anymore bad PuGs. I'll start instancing again once I reach outlands. Levels like these is what makes me long for a good guild, but sadly, I have to be above 60 to even have access to such guilds. I'm not into joining a leveling guild with 200+ players too, seeing how socially inept I am currently.

Anyhow, since this is a majorly pointless post, I'll just add that if I could reroll...

I would reroll a male BE. Or a female human. Males BEs have superior one handed animation, and despite looking blatantly homosexual, they don't really look as if they should sip tea or be on a catwalk instead. Once you put a helm on them, that is. Wall of the dead looks pretty ugly on Shor, but on a male BE...

And female humans. They have thunderthighs, sure, but hey, they look normal (as normal as female toons are in WoW), and hey, just cute. At least their dance doesn't look like it belongs in a striptease bar. WoW is darn sexist, sometimes. I would never touch a human male, though. Playing an old geezer that would pawn Arnold Schwazesomething on benchpress is something else entirely.

...I should stop writing something like this.


Alex - aka Firelight said...

Dont give up now!!! 45-55 is usually one of the slowest parts of the game most people find...

Just keep going!!

PuG's are 99% of the time going to be total craptastic!

I prefer questing with someone over instancing as all that hard work in instances is undone as soon as you step into outland!!

Shorsha said...

Hey Alex, thanks for the comment :)

And no, I won't give up. Had the notion to, but every time I log into my rogue only to watch him go 'SPLAT!' since I really am not used to pulling single mobs anymore, I would always run back to Shorsha.

6 more levels to Outland!