Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ding 32 after almost wipe in RFK

Wow. Astounding. I actually dinged 32. I had truly thought that I would have another 5 alts around mid-20 and Shorsha would be abandoned. Thank god that's not the case. Shorsha is a proud 32 now, 3 more levels until she can run SM and RFD smoothly.

The other day she had successfully tanked a 4-man run on RFK. Well, initially 5-man. I had a prot pally (who wanted nothing but to heal), an elemental shaman (who said that he couldn't do anything but heal), a warlock, a fury warrior and me. Shaman and pally are two that I group with almost every time - and I had a bad feeling about her - and the warrior was a not-so-random someone I met earlier. At this point I was seriously avoiding partying with someone I haven't partied with before, but alas, I had to since all the people in my friends list are... well, healers.

Okay. And one mage.

Whyyy? Whyyyy did I not befriend dps?!

Oh right. Roguetards and huntards.

Anyhow, remember the saying to not judge a book by its cover? Well, I apply the reverse for PuGs. People are always what they seem. They type like a 10 year old on sugar rush? Well, chances are, they play like one. So as always, I explain the rules first to them: First kill skull, then cross. No answer. Fine. They started summoning, and once again I repeated that instruction. First pull, warrior started attack unmarked mob. I warned him about it, and got a positive response. The lock, however... why do I know that for her skull = last kill?

That besides, there was quite a problem at first regarding the healing role. Those two didn't want to give up their role, so I suggested alternating heal, as in one would heal when another mana's ran out, otherwise pick another role. It worked quite fine, but then the pally left. So I shrugged and said, "oh well, wanna 4-man it?". The shaman replied, "might as well see how far we can get. Maybe worth some blues."

So off we went 4-manning RFK. In short time we downed all the bosses, only dilly dallying by grinding on bats because the shaman wanted the leather. The problem, however, arose after we defeated the boss. There was a case of almost wipe, where I dropped down bellow Razorflank's tent, proceeded to hit a group of mobs, almost killing the caster before it ran off to aggro another group. Warlock got DCed, so I was like, oh, okay. 2 groups? Easy. THEN another mob ran off and aggroed the third group. By this time I was panicking. A slight glance at the top of the screen revealed that the shaman's mana was non-existant, and I had around 1/5 of my mana bar with me. Warrior's health was also running kind off low. Right. I couldn't hit my oh- shit button, since it'll wipe aggro, so I self-healed while the shaman focused his remaining mana on the warrior. Since the warrior had decent hp by now, I let him tank a few of the mobs. Slowly we killed them off with the shaman's minimum heals, until around 2 was left. Then the lock jumped down.

...And fire rains another group.

Indeed we didn't wipe. Indeed we somehow survived being mobbed by four groups of elites chockful with casters.

Later: /ignore locktard

Alas, good news is that I've gotten all the blues I want from this instance in two runs.

P.S Someone, please remind me that pallies have a seal that prevents FLEEING.

I can't stop beating myself over that potential wipe. I need more mastery over my hotkeys. So for this post, I'm also labeled as one of the idiots. Down with me.

/cries in a corner

Goals for next week:
- Get mithril spike installed
- Start running SM
- Down thermaplugg in Gnomer for that quest pants and shield


Lalecize said...

Grats on the ding!

Ooo I never did Gnomer...maybe I missed out :(.

Haha...2 healers = bad, healer running out of mana = worse!

Good work on the 4 manning!

There are 2 things ya can do in an "oh shit" situation. Lay on Hands is one (you had probably already used :p), or you can bubble and hit Rightous Defense.

This will pull 3 back onto you and let them bash ur bubble a few times.

But your right, best not to especially with another Reign of Fire heading your way, them pigs were gna eat a squishey for lunch!

Eck. Casters. They make me wanna cry. Good news is SM armoury has none, and that has all your gear.
You can AoE tank the crap outta it too :)

As for the seal that prevents flee'ing. I barely ever use it!

If im really worried I pop my stun on it just before they die.
Usually I just let my dps take care of the runners, and I move back onto the next kill target.

Meh...being a pallytank the majority of the time I sit there praying that runner will pull the next set :p

HolyWarrior said...

I HATE gnomer...don't go there :P

Shorsha said...

I wonder why people hate gnomer so much. Sure, there're times where swarms of cute little gnomes would come out of nowhere and start stabbing your legs, and there are cases where robots would suddenly multiply and wipe your poor group, but hey, you get to kill gnomes!

I don't know what's so bad about that :D