Thursday, December 6, 2007

Are you sure you want to know how old I am?

Do you really?

I regard any question like that an attempt to flirt, or a debauchery of privacy. How old do you think I am, 10, 17, 23, 40? Say whichever you want, and most of the time I'll just agree on whichever digit(s) you chose.

But in the case of the screenie above, I answered with a simple, "Old enough."

Being a tank in some cases made me ill-humored ;)

And oh come on, I said 'toilet break', not 'potty break'.


Light Of The Sun said...

hmmm.what kind of UI and mods do you have? i like your threat meter and damage meter and everything. i am looking for some good tank mods and what not. especially a good tanking action bar. =). i dotn ask age i ask if they are really female though. cause if i start playign with them i can kinda of tell if they are really female or not but i ask just to make sure.

Shorsha said...

What do you reckon they'd answer when you ask their gender? Female, duh. I know I answer that I'm a guy sometimes, but that's just because... I'm not a guy :P (okay, it avoids unwanted attention from idiots who want virtual relationships.)

Anyways, I'm using:
KLH threat meter
damage meter
trinity bars
Elk Buff Bars
Urbin target target

At least these are the ones that affect how my UI looks. Loads of others that don't really show. I'm also looking for some good tanking UI, but I'm pretty happy with what I've got for now.

Light Of The Sun said...

alas trinity is now failing of the new pathc some spells wont work but thanks =)