Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post 40 - Fun Begins

Who said that a leather wearing warrior is bad? Oh well, they are bad, but hey, props to Slash for 2-manning Gnomer. As I promised him, here are the screenies to our endeavor (and we downed last boss too):

After this 2-man, we invited the healer we love most. So off we went to 3-man RFD. Well, initially 4-man, but Slash made the other druid /leave by his tactless joke. Alas, I forgave him because he was sporting our 3-man guild's hot pink tabard. First run went smoothly, but at the second run, we wiped twice. First due to me asking the druid to tank while I heal due to the fact that I was quite close to passing out on my keyboard. So she did. I equipped my robe of the lich king... and... immediately burst out laughing. I mean, robe. With a shield. And a Herod's shoulder. God, that was the most terrible toon fashion ever. At that time we were doing the skeleton boss. I got aggroed by 20 skeletons, and forgetting that I was bubble girl, we died. I laughed for 5 minutes straight afterwards.

The next wipe was, however, due to the utter idiocy of the NPC of that escort quest. Yknow, with the ring reward. Once accepted, he kept dashing to that huge melting pot, aggroing rooms at his wake. Like, uh, weren't they supposed to help us fight? Results:


He's pretty darn stupid for a dragon.


Anonymous said...

Damn right that dragon's a retard.
Twas 5 man, drood left, rogue lagged out. The RFD group that is.

Shorsha said...

Oh right. Forgot about your rogue buddy. You still scared of the drood.

We need to lure more of Whiska in.