Saturday, December 8, 2007

Burning out with PuGs

Let me just say this; bad PuGs will throw you off instancing for the rest of the day (or the week), but a good PuG would make everything totally worth it. Such case is what I've encountered during my runs on SM. First run today, I think I've encountered the most arrogant twink I've met; an undead rogue. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Pass leadership please so I can mark.
Arrogantwink: I'll mark
Me: Nah, I prefer I'll mark since I'm the tank.
Arrogantwink: Do you have a 70?

...Wow. I never knew that in order to mark you have to have a 70 toon. Truly astounding. I've learned something very valuable in that conversation. Those without a 70 toon are idiots by default and unworthy of marking. We should not tank. We should not mark. We should not show our face in PuGs. We should just /ignore Mr I HAVE A 70.

Okay. I admit, I'm still mad over that. Now this is a case of bad PuGing. Let me clarify some details. Our group was compromised of: Mr I HAVE A 70 arrogantwink rogue, a tauren warrior, a priest, and another rogue. So regardless of my seething rage, I ran with them, and Mr I HAVE A 70 (yes, I'm copy pasting.) would always sap, even if it's only a pull of 2. By then I simply did not bother to say that CCing with me in SM armory is pretty darn worthless. So oh hell, I complied with his markings like the nice angry tank that I am. Don't get me wrong, he was a good player, but any arrogant attitude immediately gets a down marking from me. Regardless of how good you are. I prefer running with a mildly bad player who's honestly learning than an arrogant twink who knows everything about his class.

Now, this is where everything became worth it. As I uttered sarcastic replies regarding his 1337 level 70 toon, I got a whisper from the other rogue. We shared a common hate, it seemed. So we bonded against that evil twink. We chatted, we insulted each other, we joked, we whispered during that whole run. We became fast friends. I was no longer the angry, lonely tank, but lo and behold, I am the still angry, but having fun tank. Everything became better. So the Arrogantwink left, and we were left with the warrior, who recruited another warrior.

Now this is where it became bad again. Warrior A kept shouting "LEEEEEEROY JENKENS!" (yes, jenkens. Not Jenkins. Jenkens.), and warrior B was... well, of one kin with warrior A. So Awesome Rogue and me coordinated bail after sticking with them enough. I feigned lunch while he feigned shower. I said, "ZOMG GAIZ! Maid been shouting for lunch!" and left. That was bad etiquette, but PuGs burned me out, and I had no patience to deal with another one. I'm sure I ended up on people's hostile list today.

So after that me and Awesome Rogue coordinated our own PuG. We 4-manned SM a few times with 2 different groups, and I've met a huntard who wanted only to be run by a 60-70 yet queued for an instance (then wanted to join after he questioned my herod's shoulder), that Arrogantwink wanted in again (I don't have a level 70, sorry), and I lost herod's helm for the second time, but by the end of the day, after multiple instances of tanking/whispering, I was no longer wary.

Bad PuGs can ruin the day, but a friend can make a whole world of difference. I thank that bad PuG for the start of a wonderful day.


Dragonwing said...

Level 39, nice! Start looking for deals on the AH for Plate now; you'll wish you had if you don't. :-)

Lalecize said...

Hehe u got it down!

Add the good ones to your friends list and constantly invite.

Anyone that pisses me off gets ignored and I never deal with them again!

Haha I love it when rogues insist on sapping (I have a 70 rogue and am sick of it lol). I just consecrate and break it.

Some people, no matter how many times u tell them just wna CC!

I added a not in my marking macro that reads "No CC unless I ask please".
That stops em complaining.

Shorsha said...

@dragonwin: Aye, that I did. Was honestly quite impatient to get to 40, so I began checking the AH since level 35. Seeing the price on those plates at first left me flabbergasted. 35g for a stupid green?! Well, somehow I managed to get a good deal for my set. So all is good :)

@Lale: Well, most of the time when I meet a bad player I don't instantly ignore them. First I rated them down to around 2 in group rater, then if the second time they're still as bad, I ignore. For that I give a second chance ;)

For marking, now usually I just /p Marking system: skull = first kill
and left it at that. If they CC unasked, I break. Though sometimes I like to get the rogue to sap for fun. Yknow, it feels good when people do what you tell em to do unquestioningly.