Sunday, December 23, 2007

4 A.M for Sunken Temple run

For some reason, the logon server is down, so I'm either a) Stuck reading forums and in consequence be exposed to more idiots b) finish up the rest of The Sword of Truth series and The Wizard Knight or c) Blog.

I chose blogging for now, and hope vainly that it'll be back to normal after I finish this post. So yesterday, for the first time with Shor (I'm using 'with Shor' instead of 'this toon' because it adds more intimacy. Like how some people refer themselves as the guardian of a pet, instead of the owner), I ran BRD and ST. Both as a healer.

Result = LOTS of blue healing gears + Thicker friends list + Healing burnout

BRD was quite literally a crawl in the park. The tank, a prot specced warrior was nothing short of mediocre. He couldn't hold aggro, he tanked with duel wielding, he wouldn't pull. So after a few times of watching him go, shaking my head, and smashing my flash of light key repeatedly, I told him to pop his shield, use thunderclap (won't help much, but he was only focusing to one single mob. That, sir, would not do), and oh for god's sake, pull. My leadership is a bit messed up now; it would simply grey out when I would attempt to transfer leadership to someone else, thus I was stuck with marking.

So I would mark a skull, then waited for one of them to pull. And waited. And waited. So I said, "Go.", then they'd pull. And always the hunter. So I said, "You're the tank. You have a gun. Pull." Things went considerably faster after that. I literally told him how to do his job throughout the run, albeit in a polite (and often curt) manner. I don't care. I just want the party to advance to a walk instead of a crawl. Then he left due to GF yelling. Okay, so I'm left healing 2 hunters and their pets, and a rogue. This rogue, while a decent person, is an absolute nutcase on somehow getting aggro. I guess I forgot to tell him that we have an /assist command.
Oh well.

Pulling problem arised again. Everytime we finish up a group of mobs, I had to mark and constantly say, "Go." before they would start to pull. If they're considerate to wait for me as the healer, then I thank them for it, but as long as my mana is above 50%, I'm ready. I felt like a queen, right then, with them obeying my orders with resolution. I mean a (first-time) healer. Ordering tank(s) and DPSes around. AMIRITE?! Ooooh, the ugly head is rearing!

Now, two hunters is already a bad composition to start with. It is unavoidable that in the end we wiped due to mass dwarven gang rape, around 2/3 in the instance. I was tired of healing and that instance, so we disbanded. It was around 11 P.M when this happened.

Unfortunately, immediately after, I got a tell asking me to come heal to ST. I was already planning to sleep, but come on, how can I not accept this? I've decided that I would see all Azeroth instances at least once before hitting outlands anyways. I got an invite, and after running around for 15 minutes or so trying to find the entrance to BRD and retrieve my corpse (getting lost in-game. I fail.), I clicked on the accept summon, and off we went to ST.

The leader, this awesome ret pally, was tanking. Originally I argued for that position, because, alas, I hated healing with a pally, and BRD burned me out, but she defended because of her lack of healing gear. Fine. Sure rets are squishies, but at least they're the threat machine at this level. My god, she was good. The party kept commenting on how they've got a good PuG for once, and I believe this feeling is mutually shared upon each member. We were a happy bunch.
My healing - though I was commented as being an amazing healer more than enough times today, in each run - was horrible. In the 2 runs of ST I did, I let the tank die thrice. First, because I have my usual late-night lag, second, the mobs put me to sleep, and thrice, because... well, it was 3 A.M. I cannot possibly be on my full alert self then. My control freak nature simply cannot accept my (or my net's) blunder, and after that I simply mashed my flash of light (and sometimes holy light) button, disregarding whether I was overhealing or not. I believe I actually healed her when she was in full health a few times. Anything to prevent death.

That happened in our second ST run. I was ready to fall asleep on my keyboard anytime. I didn't know how she managed to drag me in there for the second time, actually, but as a fairly responsible person, I hated seeing a group disband when I could've been there and prevented it. I sacrified half of my sleep that morning and ran in with them. And loved it. I met an awesome ret pally, an awesome mage, a lock with actual wit, and despite my critiques to that BRD group; a group that entertained me with their humor.

I heart good PuGs.

On the other note: we had a less than likeable hunter on our second ST run that day. This screenie actually made me smile everytime. Yes, that teeny tiny blob is her corpse.

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Sounds like you are having a hard time...HEALING +D