Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Best thing that's been said to me

[Shaman] whispers: are you a girl?
To [Shaman]: How did you know?
To [Shaman]: O wait. No, I'm the manly man.
[Shaman] whispers: i didn't know, only that you don't sound like a horny 9 year old.
To [Shaman]: ew.

I ROFLed in real life. Really. But I feel bad for 9 year olds everywhere. They're not as horny as that, really. One I've met is really quite decent, and guess what, he played a male BE. If only he didn't insist on tagging with me every time...

And sadly, he typed better than most folks I've met. Irony.


Light Of The Sun said...

eh most people type like that cause it is faster. but i like to type out everything.i try to play the correct way. not the immature way to play. i hate those adults who act like tiny children.
stop my blog!

Lalecize said...

So wait you are a girl? Or ur a guy?

You can never tell with female BE's!

Shorsha said...


...Until I come to vent. Then I become the manly girl.

And sure light, I'll make sure to stop there ;)