Wednesday, December 12, 2007

dose hu tip liek dis r tardz

I'm curious on what other players do when they encounter a bad party. Do they stay there and hope for the best? Do they grind their teeth and try to refrain from pounding their keyboard? Or do they bail?

I bailed. My 3-man guild's GM; Nazzy and I were LFMing for Maraudon -since he was too low to really go to ZF- when a hunter joined. Okay, hunter. I try to avoid them most of the time, but alas, no one else was online. So. (And believe me, this isn't as bad as how he typed. I don't have the flair for bad typing, sadly, but I'll try my best to recreate. Oh, sometimes even I couldn't understand his 'english'.)

[Hunter]: ill be weeding here till u gayz com

I immediately hit guild chat.

/g I've got a bad feeling here. Kick?
[Nazzy]: Kicking him for bad grammar would just make us jerks.

Fine. Then that hunter told me to invite another warrior, and lo and behold, warrior only types slightly better, with all those intentional misspellings that every 10 year olds think is cool (some. Not all. Some. Met some really cool ones before.), and I asked him what his spec is. So he got into a full paragraph on explaining how he's fury but he brought a shield yadda yadda battle stance yadda yadda i can tank wid defen-

/p I'm prot specced, I'll tank.

Okay. So I kinda skipped what he said due to... well, utter lack of capitalization and bad grammar. I don't require my party members to type like I do, but for my sake, don't start typing like that. I'm prone to explode. So in a while, after guild chatting for a bit about how we're stuck in a potentially bad party, those two asked for another member to join. At this point I'm starting to have big doubts about their recruiting ability. Yknow, idiots always attract other idiots? We must be quite a big idiot magnet. Okay. So a druid comes. He types juuust like that. I didn't really seriously consider bailing until this point.

[Warriortard]: dis doesnt seem liek a good instancing group with 2 halers

2 healers? I glanced up at the party and only found a druid. Ok, so he meant me. I thought I said that I'm prot specced? I was pissed.

/p I'm not a healer, I'm a tank. Get your facts straight.

So this guy thinks a fury warrior can tank better than me? One who types like that?

[Warriortard]: lolol k 2 tanks then


[Guild]Nazzy: I thought we decided that you were tank 10 seconds ago?

My god, another subtle tank envy going on. Did the fact that I've mentioned the fact that I'm a tank more than a few times somehow eluded his simple mind? Yknow. Me prot. You fury.

/g Bail? Get an excuse, quick!

So we ended up apologizing to the party with an excuse of having to raid on a different server. We never did, of course, and later we wondered in gchat whether they had the wit to check or not. But I figured that damaged reputation with the likes of them would only be beneficial.

I miss my old rogue days where I don't care whether the group sucks or not as long as I live and we clear the instance. But then again on rogue's server, Malygos, there aren't really as much idiots there. Being a tank makes me a perfectionist, and thus a polite jerk at times.


Light Of The Sun said...

luckily there arent much idiots on my new server. we make fun of them =)

Lalecize said...


I constantly get the "Im fury but i can tank if needed" after ive told them im prot.

Ive actually had them agree I can tank, then try to taunt a mob off me to "offtank" and make it easier.

I usually facepalm and explain I work better if I have more on me, and for them to just dps.

If they do it again I say "One more time and I'll kick you".
That usually sorts them out.

For really crappy pugs I usually stay in the group to see how it goes. I like the humour from the lesser intelligent of us.

Ive often had to kick people who's dps or heals don't cut it in them.
I kicked a fury warrior the other day because he was doing 48 dps in BRD (Everyone else was above 200) and he was rolling on me plate. I mean I don't mind if people's dps aint high all that much, but someone doing that little just isn't beneficial - unless you need an offtank - which we don't :p

Tank envy...eck. Get it all the time.

Shorsha said...

I don't know why there's so much tank envy going on. I personally prefer to stand at the back looking pretty and let someone else take the job in new PuGs (I would have to offtank in order to save the healer's arse , anyways, in the end). They're actually saving a lot of frustration by just sticking to dps.