Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Farewell, Azeroth!

Finally, after 9 days /played and a gruesome battle against Altaholism, Shorsha hit 60 in Hellfire. Yeap, she finally got to Outland, and thankfully, still prot specced. After going through Azeroth contents god knows how many times, it's wonderfully refreshing to see a new one, and yesterday I demonstrated it by running around doing quests with much enthusiasm, something I hardly ever did while leveling 1-58. Thanks to the awesome green quest rewards. I just can't wait to see more plates! It's astounding, 2 levels after going through the portal, and my hp jumped from 4.3k to 5k, and mana from 2.6k to 3.3k. Plus, Shorsha gets to look A LOT better in her matching grey set, as opposed to the stupid blue leggings (no, not blue as in rare item, but blue as in blindingly sparkly blue color) she'd been sporting around Azeroth for quite a while with much shame.

Not all my Azeroth items went to the vendor, though. As my best friend through thick and thin, death and near deaths for 14 levels, I have proudly retired my Wall of the Dead into my bank. It did cost 150g after all - an amazing amount for a level 45 that I was. Now I proudly sport a landslide buckler to aid me in leveling.

On the other hand, I took a break from questing and began raising my first aid skill. It took around 2 hours to raise it from 60ish to 290. It freed a lot of bank space, and I get to sell all the left over cloth after that (20 stacks of silk? Ergh). Now I won't have any problem bubbling when my mana runs low.

Short-term goals:
- Get to 70.
- Do the epic charger quest. (200g to go.)
- Be proficient in one-hand mace.
- Stop hitting myself for not rolling a male BE.
- Stop littering my account with countless level 1 alts just because I like creating characters.
- Stop ogling over any male BE I come across.
- Just... stop this obsession for male BEs.

P.S Happy new year and (late) Christmas, and thanks to Slash for his one-man welcoming party to outland. I get to see how ugly your mount is :P


Light Of The Sun said...

haha male blood elfs. trust me i played one till 59 and guess what. yup i deleted him and i now sport a proud lvl 43 human paladin. and i have only played him for not that long i havent done a /played yet. but keep going. and run dem instances. as for me. i like smashing things so i took the crusader way and I use a huge two handed mace. me likey see things die

Shorsha said...

I;ve played both ally and horde (around... 9 of my alts were ally), before I finally switched horde. For a first timer horde, I find the quests and overall zone and leveling flow better. I also noticed that we have more FP, as in STV and Ashenvale.

I just horde better :) But unlike some other players, I don't have any prejudice towards any faction (I think we have the same ratio of idiots anyways). More than once players of the opposing faction have saved my hide, and I try to repay it back whenever I can.