Saturday, January 5, 2008

First successful Outland instance!

Thanks for the encouragement guys, and indeed, I bounced right back and tried to run Ramparts and Blood Furnace again today. As always, put myself on LFG... and bam! invite sent. So there I went as a very anxious tank. My previous failure still haunted me, as I stepped through that swirly portal with increased dread. Group compromised of me, 2 mages, a shaman, and a hunter.

And alas, no wipe. Zilch. It all went as smooth as pie, laden with butter. Mmhmm. I couldn't believe it. Was the previous one a mere bad luck?

There were a few casualties, though, being one of the mages (salvation doesn't help), and me, twice. I still can't figure out how not to die at end boss. Or how to properly hold aggro on it. I would taunt, and then a few seconds later it would immediately turn its attention to DPS. Checked my omen meter... and seems like DPS and me are quite literally jumping up and down in position.

Ramps: Check.

Next: Ramps

Got an invited as a healer, so with minimal grumbling, I bought back the healing necklace I just vendored. I don't have any healing gears, so I told them as much, and the leader (a hunter) said, ”you don't have to heal me, just the tank."


Of course it wasn’t as ideal as that. Tank only has around 30% of damage taken, second most being the mage I ran with at BF failure run, who gains aggro like crazy even with salvation. Then I noticed that he opened with pyroblast literally a second after tank hits the mobs, or even before it. Told him to stop, and saw an improvement on healing done on him. Not bad. Rogue was tank #2 (unofficial). DPSing a lone mob or breaking sheep by yourself isn't funny. I thought of abandoning him to his own fate, actually, but oh, I’m not that egoistical to sacrifice DPS on a whim. Again, we managed to clear ramps without any wipe.

Yay me!

Ramps take 2: Success

Did a few more takes of BF and Ramps; with 3 wipes at the first one and 1 wipe at Ramps. I really can’t keep up with anyone’s HP at BF end boss; I would heal someone, then the next thing I know, somebody else went splat as the heal landed on my target. Then I would look down at their corpses, shake my head, and briefly die.

The wipe at Ramps was caused by me, sorry to say. I tried to pull a lone patrol before the boss, and, due to bad timing, ended up pulling the groups beside him. We went splat. After apologizing profusely to the group, we went on our way and killed Naz without any problem.

At the previous (fail) Ramps run, Slash was marking, and thankfully so. Seeing him do so actually made me learn a good few things about marking. In the end of the day, I quested with him and had a blast. Walk away defeated once – go back with vengeance.

Right now I’m levelling my one-handed mace skill up in STV. I got a Diamond-Core Sledgehammer on the (fail) BF run, and slapped a fiery on it for DPS. All in all, it’s been a great day, and to all the snide comments going on from my beloved friends: I’ll never spec holy, never!

...Maybe one day.


Light Of The Sun said...

hmmm so you are prot but you heal as well? hmmmm. the prot gear you should get in outland should also counteract as ret and healing gear i think...

Shorsha said...

Yeah, but some gears have better amount of +healing than +damage, most of which I've quite happily vendored. And yes, I heal as well, thus is the pain of being an off-spec :)

Anonymous said...

Good work shor!!

What shot rotation are you using for your threat?

On the lost boss of ramps (dragon part), i use fire resist aura, toss my shield, open up with a SoR, consecrate, holy shield, SotC, then spam SoR and consecrate.

Its an easy fight if you avoid the flames and the healer can stay in your range.

Lol!! You dont need a fiery enchant hahahaha