Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm a Blood Knight!

Whoever says that they'd saved 200g on the pally epic charger needs to be hammer of wrath'd.

One day, after tired of much prompting (and 'WTF, fiery? Buy your mount!' 'nooo... I'm too lazy.'), and general sympathy for my assumed money matters from various people who got told a 'no' every time they inquired about my epic mount, I decided to just do that quest. If only for the tabard. Yes, the only thing I wanted was the awesome tabard. And my dignity would never recover from having to ride a blue, skinny chocobo. The horse doesn't even look that good. Kinda overfed, IMO.

After a Ramps/BF marathon, I hopped on to Thottbot, and as always, before any quest, I would read it up. A guy mentioned saving 200g. Wow. Then I read the 150g + arcane catalyst + that 150g poison reagents. Now. assuming that I'm revered within Silvermoon (which I am), the arcane catalyst would still cost 42g, and the poison 125g (if I recall correctly). That's 312g. Give or take.

How much was the training cost again?

10 sungrass, 40 runecloth, 5 darkrunes, and that other thing. I assume that guy would've farmed it all on his own. 0g. And how long would it take to farm those stuff? A few hours? Time is money, and in that regard, my hour is priceless, thank you. Therefore, I realized that his calculation is flawed.

Thus I went to the AH and bought them all except for the sungrass. 670g shrank down to 300g. Maybe even less. I kept bitching at party chat and to whoever wants to listen. I found out that the quest at Tyr's Hand was no longer elite, so I followed another comment at Thott's, stripped naked, and hopped on my mount there. I tried to find the back door to the chapel but couldn't, so I retraced my steps and went back through the front one. Only aggroed two mobs into the library, but seeing that I was fighting naked, soon I died with my shield on. I forgot to equip my mace. Never listen to the run around naked comment. That simply isn't paladin style. I'd rather die fully clothed and with dignity (oh, how I used to frown at those female characters running around naked. What would people think if they saw me?!), paying exuberant amount of gold, rather than shameful and bare to the world. After handing in the quest, I spammed trade for a Black pristine diamond. Seeing no results, I decided to go on an SP run (previous post) and call it a day.

...And logged back in a few hours later at 3am. Spammed /2 WTB black pristine diamond for a good 30 minutes to no avail. Re-checked the log, then found out that I've been mixing it up. It's Pristine Black Diamond. No wonder my link add-on didn't recognize it. Or maybe it's the other way around. I cycled around 3 potential sellers to finally snatch it for 50g (which is around the going rate for AH. According to auctioneer.). I /cheered, spammed smilies, went off to buy the rest of the vendor reagents, looked at my bag, and with a sinking feeling, saw 42g left.

;-( << My expression just then and a day after it.

Luckily, saving much frustration, Sari the holy pally decided to give me a run for the final part. Then I DCed. And couldn't get back online. That was the time where I would've happily went hammer happy with my modem. I went to sleep with much grudge. As I logged in at the same day, I was immediately offered a run again, and after a "I'M REALLY SORRY ABOUT LAST NIGHT!" we went for another attempt. This time he had the key to the city, so the whole thing took around ten minutes. I cannot possibly thank him enough.

I'm a proud owner of the blood knight's tabard now, and a glowing horse as a side-dish. Never have I felt more honored, both as a horde and as a blood knight. I sport my tabard and my thalassian charger with a renewed sense of pride, and finally and identity to wear proudly, worthy of the horde.

That being said, I miss the alliance side badly. I'll take a stroll on Ironforge and Westfall and its proximity for nostalgia's sake, someday. And yell, "FOR THE ALLIANCE!" for added effect. What can I say. I'm still an alliance in heart.


Light Of The Sun said...

YAAAA! as was i. it took me 5 months to get my blood elf to 59 then i finally decided enough was enough. and i rerolled. now a month and half later i am already 50. i am flying past levels and for the first time i am enjoying my race and class at the same time. i just ish the alliance could get a tabard of the silver hand.

Anonymous said...

I gave you 20 mins on my timer - 2 blessings while i watched youtube. And no more ugly mount, from your earlier entry. Enter: Reins of the Azure Netherdrake.

Btw, <3 BE pally mount. And the Alliance are small kids (Horde Myth & Legend)

Zerei said...

Grats! I think I healed an affliction 'lock through my run through Strat.

And yeah, didn't save any money. Maybe like 40g. Maybe.

WoW Gold Guide said...

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