Thursday, November 29, 2007

Etiquettes in Instancing with a (Low-level) Paladin as Your Tank

After getting probably a bad PuG for the third time (and coincidentally, every one of them had a rogue), I've decided that it's time to list some general no-noes and yes-yes in partying etiquette and instancing.

1. Do NOT say, "This is the noobiest instance, blablabla."
Because that is irrelevant, and can decrease the moral of the party. I don't care if you're omgwtf1337super twinked, or if this is a newbie instance you've probably done 100 times, but I expect people to follow me if I'm the tank. If I say, "kill skull first," then it's probably for your own good, and not just because I like seeing stuff floating above monster's head (and that too, but...). Most of the time, the MT is the leader. Know them, follow them, because chances are, they're working their butts off to save you from seeing the sorry sight of your own corpse. Whatever the instance is, it is just as important to conduct proper group work. I don't like to see you get hit, and you don't like to die. Follow my ways and we win-win.

2. When searching for another party member, and seeing little success, do not suddenly leave after saying, "fuck this."
Instant /ignore. I'm picky like that.

3. Do not say, "Thx, g2g guys," right after the end boss.
When people play well, they expect people to recognize their worth, not a 'g2g' and bam! everyone leaves. I can't stress this enough, but if you're in a good group, and you guys just felled the end boss without any hitch, by gods, say something of worth! As a tank (and as a general ego-maniac girl) I expect people to recognize my efforts on saving their arses, as I always do with any good party members I meet. A little compliment can go a long way with being invited back. At least I tend to get asked to tank by mostly the guys I've complimented on ;)

4. If I say don't do it, then don't do it.
Don't fear that stupid mob because you felt like it. Do some research on how to work with us (for the clueless, we generate threat from being hit), or learn and listen. I don't care what you think, but I like getting hit.

5. Leave that pet's taunt off!
I didn't pull 8 elites just because I think being battered by so much mob that I can't see myself is smexy, but because I'm good at AoE tanking, I trust my healer, and I know you won't somehow die from a stray mob. So turn that thing off and leave us to our own tanking.

6. Inform of aggro.
/p Aggro!
Simple eh?

7. Do not try to tank if you're a leather wearer.
Honestly, all the bad PuGs I've partied with had at least one twinked rogue who thought they're so damn hot tanking those elites. Not generalizing, but I got so tired of it I began asking each rogue that joined my group whether he/she's twinked. Look, we tank, you dps. Don't pull mobs in purpose just because your gear is 1337. I don't care. You leather. Me mail. Me tank. End story. Realize that most tanks are control freaks. You being a tank wannabe doesn't exactly suppress our emerging control freak nature.

8. Don't... need my Silverlaine's Family Seal ;_;
My preciouuuuuuuuuussssssss!

...And that's pretty much it. Luckily I haven't met that much bad PuGs, so my list remains short. I've somehow managed to snag another instancing partner, so wish me all the best luck in getting more good players to run with. No tank wannabe twinked rogues, hopefully.


Lalecize said...

Ahh nothing annoys me more than tanking my heart out, having a death free sweet run, even in a group of people that would have never had such a good run EVER before, to have the ol' -


Argh! Tell me ive done well! Lol.
On another note, its really great when someone compliments you on your tanking - they always get an invite back :)

Kelendia said...

I feel your pain in the world of tanking.

There is nothing as annoying as Rogues/Hunters/Warlocks pulling mobs away from me or, as happened in a PUG I just did, thinking they can tank and pulling the mobs themselves.

After all, 70%+ damage reduction is there for a reason. XD

Nonetheless, there are those who appreciate the effort and it is always good to find those who are willing to sit back and let us tanks do our job.

Keep up the fight, and the nice blog!

Paladin Tank

ScoutKnifez said...

This is a lovely post.
Too bad she will turn evil later. :(

^^ and do not forget, fear is a form of crowd control. Learn to live with it ^^