Saturday, January 12, 2008

Healer Agression

Why do most people blame healers upon their deaths? I wasn't the one healing at this Underbog run - but as I saw, "ffs do your job healer" from a very dead warlock we invited as one of the hunters left before Swamplord Mussek, my temper flared. Let me state beforehand that this healer is awesome - he keeps people alive by keeping me alive, and he didn't bat an eyelid as I start running around CCing stuff, he, by short, though a shadow priest, is the healer of my dreams. And I treat mediocre healers like gold. So he would probably be a precious Thorium or something, for me.

So I saw that message, and my previously light mood turned dark. This stupid, stupid lock who spams that orange thing RaW thing on the middle of the screen (did not quite catch its name), and who yells, and who gets lost dared be rude to my healer? The healer was clearly out of mana, obviously only enough to keep me alive. If you don't want to die, then install Omen and stop being an aggro whore, thank you. You and your pet, both.

The party chat was silent after that - until he asked for a rez (when priest was still OOM). The healer replied, "no, your rude," and I swear I would've hugged him right there for not taking any shit. Before I get any satisfaction from kicking the locktard, he left the party, and the only satisfaction I get is that I have yet another person on my ignore list - and the good news is, there are around five people there. Which means that PuGs aren't that bad. Let's just say I let out a yelp of happiness as I saw the events unfold.

Healers are rarer than gold. When you piss off one and end up on ignore, you've pretty much decreased your chances on getting a group... quite significantly.

Oh. And trapping. One of the hunters were going crazy with traps - unasked. So when it broke, it would immediately head to the healer. It wastes my taunt, the healer's mana, and when I decide to be nice and not break it, it risks other party members, and it's just plain stupid. Huntards, if you want to trap when there's no pretty moon on top of any heads, then do it right. If you trap, you chain-trap. Stop being so paranoid. I'm trying hard to do my job and you show your trust by placing traps left and right? Gee, thanks. Next time I'll just forget to taunt that thing that's coming to you. And of course I'll remember to ask the healer to forget healing too.

In the end, with a help from the healer's guildies, we downed the first boss, and Pauldrons of the Brute Force dropped. It seemed I ended up as the happiest member in the run at that time. By the way, healer and me ended up adding one another to our friend list, and after chatting for a good few hours (criticizing the party was one of the topics, of course) let me say - that guy is a nutcase.

Seems like I won't have so much trouble trying to find a healer, after this :)

And at 187 spell damage, I have concerns about holding aggro to non-Omen party members.


Zerei said...

Primarily a healer myself, I tend to think the same of tanks! It takes forever to find you guys it seems ;)

Light Of The Sun said...

yes yes. healers and tanks go hand in hand but always far apart. my guild wants to raid but we have no tanks. shit ton of healers. but no tanks. it is sad. but on the other hand i get to be tank when i hit 70 and actually help kill something!

Galoheart said...

Agrees with Zerie and Light of the Sun above.

Finding good Healers and Tanks are hard often it finding the other one being I'm a Tankadin. Usually for me on most my runs if I don't know the healer on a 5 man run subconsiously while tanking I'm evaluating the healer in some way while tanking. Most Healers I've had have being decent and very good heales. A few have being really impressive healers and noticable.

On my friends list there are more healers of various kinds than DPS listed. Lots of them in diferent guilds, but I'm friends with them. Never know when your going to need a good healer or for Heroics. Always good to have you know and have run with. Even better to have one you trust to heal you properly.

Always good to find a healer who's gearing up as your doing the same and repeat runs with them. At least you will always know the healer and have one ready to go. Healer and Tank in my opinion go hand in hand. I may hate my DPS but never good when healer and tank disagree, that bad if that happens. Only one for me that happened and it was with a Ret turned Holy Paladin in Botanica. I left the group at the first boss, no point going if tank can't trust his healer.

Anonymous said...

If you Salv your DPS, open with Avg Shield, judge and re-seal Righteousness, no non-lvl 70 will pull aggro from you if they are attacking the right target. Your spell damage is plenty high for lvl66.

Lalecize said...

Hey shor! im back! lol.

Sounds like ur having all sorts of fun! Good work, I hate stupid dps, and good healers always deserve a friends list!

Now to catchup on ur blog :D