Monday, January 7, 2008

On Nazan and Tankadins

Tanked ramps again today, with a group composition of: lock, shaman, hunter, holy priest, and yours truly. When we were LFMing, the following conversation occured:

Shaman: we need a warrior tank
Me: Why?
Shaman: because we always wipe with a pally tank
Me: Player problems?
Shaman: no, 4 times with 4 diff pallies

Right, he'd pretty much stereotyped all pallies as Nazan wipers. I can understand that. I have similar sentiments to rogues and hunters too. So I said, "well, if we can get a warrior who wants to tank, I don't mind healing," and we got the party full a few moments later - with me still as tank. I wanted to prove that not all pallies would wipe at Nazan. We went in, and after having to explain the marking system thrice, we mowed down Ramps without much difficulty. Well, except...

No problemo. I decided to AoE tank. The only form of CC (is it even called that?) I used was pet tanking, since the hunter couldn't trap to save his life. And so finally I used my blog's title. CC = Constant Consecration. Well, to be honest, not really. 1 or 2 consecrates should already stick them to me.

Now on to Nazan and his ugly rider. I've read some horror stories on Ramps, and I've noticed that their problem is mainly on Nazan. With a decent healer, it shouldn't be hard at all. First time we wiped because they didn't hold back their DPS. Second time it was suggested that I get its health down a bit before they would go all out on him. So I popped my seal of righteousness, and pulled the 2 orcs guarding Vazruden. As the only one left was on its last few percent of hp, I rushed inside, and immediately judged righteousness on Vazruden. I pulled him further back towards the middle for easy access on Nazan, and watched my screen for the descent message. Again, I immediately rushed to Naz - leaving DPS to deal with Vaz - judged, and the party waited for me to take a little bit of his hp. He stuck like glue till his death.

The key to this fight is to move a lot. I would strafe left and right on both fights, regardless on whether I was being burned or not. With this, you should take minimal damage every time Naz lets out that nasty fire breath. Don't stop. Move, move!

I'm quite satisfied with the result - as the first time wasn't a problem with my tanking, but with the much too early DPS. In the end, I asked the shaman whether he had changed his mind regarding pally tanking, and of course, I didn't get an answer back.

Amazing what a day full of wipes would do to your dedication...


Lalecize said...

Hmm I should have read from the top not the last two posts!!

Grats!! You worked it out before I could chime in haha

Anonymous said...

Lol at the warrior tank needed comment. Try to find a warrior that can solo Ramparts and you will hear crickets. Reverse that for paladins and you will hear a chorus of me too's!